Hellen van Berkel

Hellen has worked as a textile designer in the Netherlands since graduating from the well-known Design Academy Eindhoven in 1989. Her work in various environments has contributed to her wide-ranging experience and expertise. It was her love for textiles that inspired her to enhance the diversity of materials, colors and pattern in her repertoire.
In 2013 she founded her own private label, Heartmade Prints by Hellen van Berkel. This collection, consisting mainly of scarves, is recognizable for its authentic, beautifully layered features. Heartmade Prints is now carried by over 60 select stores and museums in Europe, Asia, Australia, and the USA.

My infinite sources of inspiration.

Joseph Frank
Sonia Delaunay
Mark Rothko

Where I work

I feel privileged that I am able to work in my studio from home.
We live on a farm where we have built a tiny house in the meadow, so I am able to look into the fields and see the nature change per season.
I cannot live without the city, but being able to go back to my little studio is the BEST!

The things I love

Jan Mankes
Makoto Kagoshima
Phylis Barron
Gareth Neal Kevin Gauld

Heartmade prints

The beauty of the Heartmade Prints by Hellen van Berkel collection lies in how it came to be. Without being bound by fashion trends or commercial restrictions, Hellen van Berkel devotes herself to making limited editions of her scarves heart first and takes joy and pride in her bold designs. Hellen van Berkel combines various techniques, such as screenprinting and embroidery by hand.The scarves are artworks in their own right, and intended to make owners feel precious in their embrace.

Embroidery by hand is a unique craft that has its source in India, where the relevant skills and expertise are passed down through generations. Hellen loves to combine contrasting techniques and materials within a single product, resulting in exciting combinations of handblock printing, hand-rolled hems, hand embroidery or silkscreen, with contemporary digital techniques such as machine hems, digital printing and computerized machine embroidery. These exciting combinations inspire curiosity and wonder.

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